Why landlords need Contents cover

Covering Landlord`s Contents can give you more protection than you think Covering Landlord`s Contents can give you more protection than you think

Added on Monday 30th November 2020

Do you rent out your Flat or House? Do you think Landlords Contents Insurance is necessary, or just another expense?

This is an interesting question and often one that is not the easiest to answer or explain!

As a landlord you have spent money equipping your property and of course if the furnishings were damaged by an escape of water or accidental damage they would need to be repaired or replaced, and whilst the sums insured might be fairly modest, the other aspect you need to think about is your liability as a landlord. 

Your landlord’s buildings insurance Policy may or may not include your Kitchen Cabinets depending on the policy wording. It might not include public liability for you as the landlord and provider of the Cabinets itself.

If the property was damaged in a fire and you had to replace your carpet this may only be a few thousand pounds but if the kitchen cabinet came off the wall and fell on someone’s head and you were deemed to be negligent. If the insurance claim was successful you would need the associated Liability cover as this claim could run into tens of thousands depending on the nature of the injury. Even if you were not negligent and a claim was submitted this still could be a very costly experience defending yourself against the claim.

The answer is to make sure you have no costly gaps in your cover. At Reid Briggs we have a product that can provide this essential but often overlooked aspect of landlord’s protection.

It will cover any contents and will also cover your Liability in respect of both buildings and contents. 

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Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash