Travel Insurance Tips


Travel Insurance Tips

This message was added on Tuesday 30th January 2018

When you are planning your holiday the last thing you want to think about is being taken ill during your trip, and needing medical treatment, if you have to cancel, lost or delayed baggage, these are some of the scenarios which Travel Insurance can provide cover for. Our Personal Lines Manager Stephanie Gardner, shares her insight with what to think about when purchasing travel insurance cover.

If you have an accident or are taken ill on holiday and require medical care overseas, you will need to visit (or be taken by ambulance to) a hospital or treatment facility in the area. Medical bills particularly in USA can be very high. In the event of a critical condition, the patient may then need to be flown to a specialist hospital or back home to carry out further medical care which can easily push the cost up and end up in the region of tens of thousands of pounds. A good travel insurance policy can also provide cover for legal expenses, if you miss your flight to your destination, cancellation coverage in case you are not able to take your trip due to mitigating circumstances, travel delays, cover for your travel money and luggage, and the loss of any important travel documents such as your passports.

Should you forget to arrange travel insurance before you leave for your holiday, the good news is that it is possible to set up travel cover once you are already abroad.

Travel policies can be arranged for individuals and also on a family travel basis which can cover your children (living at the same address as you) until they are 18 years of age. Check the small print though, as some family travel policy wordings exclude cover for the children if they go on holiday with relatives other than their parent/s.

Hazardous activities can be included on a travel policy, although insurer definitions of `hazardous` can vary. You can be insured for working abroad too.

You may feel that travel insurance is an extra cost to find when you have already paid for the cost of your holiday. However, if something goes awry whilst you are in a foreign country where you might not speak the language fluently, travel insurance gives you that peace of mind that you can summon help if you need to.

Speaking to your travel insurer`s claims staff who are used to helping travellers you will be able to receive prompt assistance and benefit from their support to liaise with the local authorities as appropriate depending on the nature of your claim. Reid Briggs can source the travel insurance cover you need whether you plan to go on a cruise, winter sports, single or multiple trip basis, if you have pre-existing medical conditions, for GAP Year travels and more.

Speak to Steph and her team for further information on 01323 438843, email or call in to our offices at 49 South Street, Eastbourne BN21 4UT.