Being an event organiser is a unique position of responsibility so be sure to get cover.


Being an event organiser is a unique position of responsibility so be sure to get cover.

This message was added on Thursday 21st March 2019

So, you’re hosting an event – that’s great! But have you thought about Public Liability insurance? Whether the event you are hosting is a one-off or a series of events, you want to make sure you are covered if your activities cause injury or damage someone’s property.

This might sound a bit gloomy but it is best to be safe than sorry. No matter how much preparation goes into something, things can go awry. As an event organiser, there are so many details to think about and very few realise the extent to which an unforeseen circumstance could damage the event. Event insurance cover gives you peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, you are secure and protected with a specialist insurance policy. Being an event organiser is a unique position of responsibility and you wouldn’t want to have to worry and have the added pressure and stress of an incident occurring during your event and not having the support of the event insurer’s claim team to guide you through the claims process.

If you are a voluntary organisation, charity or social enterprise, you may already have insurance for your day to day activities to which a fundraising event can be tagged on for a nominal extra premium, so it is worth exploring this option first as this can be cheaper than a stand-alone event insurance policy.

Whereas for a commercial business, an accountancy practice, for example, your office insurers won’t be expecting you to be doing special events, so you can ask your insurers to cover you but in this scenario, it is likely they won’t be able to cover you unless it is something low-hazard such as drinks and canapes in the office, as opposed to you setting up a sponsored walk in the community.

Event Liability insurance can be quoted just for the duration of a one-off event, or for a series of events if you know that you will be doing several of them. A multiple event policy can be cost effective if you know in advance how many you will be doing in a year, compared to paying for each individual event.

Once you know whether you need a one-off or a multiple event policy, you can consider the covers you will need in addition to Public Liability insurance. In addition, you should also consider whether you have equipment to cover – whether owned by you, or hired in for the event, as accidental damage or theft of equipment could prove to be a costly mistake and with electronic items such as tablet computers and mobile phones, you could also breach data security of confidential details held on those devices.

Public liability insurance is the core cover for an event and other optional covers can be added such as Loss of Money, Portable Equipment or ‘All Risks’ cover, Employers Liability cover which would also cover volunteers and trustees on an event policy and not just paid employees. Cancellation Expenses cover provides reimbursement for out of pocket expenses if your event has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as your venue being no longer available and your posters, tickets and promotional material has to be reprinted if you are able to reschedule your event. It is possible with some event insurers to cover against adverse weather spoiling your event, or the non-appearance of a Key Person such as a celebrity keynote speaker or patron due to open your event.

So, whether you are putting on a music event, car boot sale, bonfire night, a fun run, a dog show or an exhibition of sorts, then you will need Public Liability cover to protect the general public taking part in your event, and we recommend also taking Employers Liability cover to protect your voluntary helpers and marshalls in the same way that participants are protected by Public Liability cover.

One more thing to think about is your suppliers. If you organise a community fair or an exhibition which involves you having food vendors and other outside businesses having a stall or a stand at your event, each supplier needs to produce evidence of their Public Liability insurance as if their actions cause injury or damage at your event, the event organiser’s insurance will not cover this, as the event organiser is not in control of each supplier’s operation at the event. This question comes up quite frequently as community events rely on lots of goodwill and sometimes people ask or offer to have a stall and they don’t have their own insurance. In these examples, you can source stallholder cover for just this one event to resolve this issue.

Don’t get caught out, get cover. Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers has over 50 years of experience and are here to provide professional, sound advice. Our friendly team of advisors are happy to discuss your coverage in full and can tailor the insurance to best suit the type of event you will be hosting.