Landlord Protection Insurance

Landlord Protection Insurance Landlord Protection Insurance

Added on Wednesday 10th July 2019

Being a landlord is a unique position of responsibility that comes with many benefits. One of the main reasons is, the income whereby every month a reasonable chunk of money comes from your tenants. Being a landlord also comes with long-term security and control to somewhat extent.

There are some things, however, which cannot be controlled. Accidental damage is always likely to occur and can generally leave landlords with a hefty repair bill if they are not covered. This is where landlord protection insurance comes in. However well pre-empted, mishaps can occur and while nobody can stop accidents from happening, you can effectively cover yourself with landlord protection insurance – the next best thing.

Landlords should consider how they can protect their premises, its assets and the income they receive from their tenants. While there’s no legal obligation to take out this insurance policy, when your assets are effectively in the hands of others (your tenants) it is best to get yourself covered.

Landlord Protection Insurance is designed to protect landlords from the risks associated with their rental property.  It usually includes buildings and contents insurance, but can also include landlord-specific covers such as property owners` liability, loss of rent, and tenant default insurance. It can help protect against sudden and accidental damages, for example, if a fire was to damage ceilings or built-in cabinets then it may cover the cost of repairs.

Generally speaking, landlord protection insurance usually does not cover the possessions of a tenant. Although not all policies are the same and some can be specifically tailored to a landlord’s specifications.

So, whether you are a residential landlord, a commercial landlord, or even both, Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers are confident in the service that we provide. Our exclusive Landlords insurance scheme with Aviva Insurance caters for residential and commercial property portfolios.

Come to Reid Briggs for a broad range of cover for a variety of properties including buy-to-lets, blocks of flats, renovation projects, industrial premises, non-standard construction properties and empty or vacant properties. We can source the cover you require through our expert team who, through our key insurers and relationships, have access to the wider insurance market.