Kevin`s Awesome Driving Experience!


Kevin`s track day with Norman Dewis OBE at Goodwood

Kevin`s Awesome Driving Experience!

Its not often that the prospect of being driven around a race circuit by someone nearly twice your age would be enticing to a 50-year old unless that driver is none other than Norman Dewis OBE. Norman is one of the few treasures of the UK motoring world left to us, he stands alongside Sir Stirling Moss and John Surtees; like them he has a deep rooted passion for cars and motoring. Spending a few hours with him is an honour and a pleasure as he regales me with tales of racing, testing and behind the scenes at Jaguar. Sitting beside him as he steps into a race prepared XK150 Coupe is a truly unique experience. Watching him casually throw the car around Goodwoods corners and accelerating quickly in the straights before braking for the next challenging corner brings a wide grin to Kevin`s face. Norman does all of this without breaking s sweat.

Kevin came to be enjoying this great occasion as a result of JAGtechnic`s fundraising efforts in aid of St Wilfrid`s Hospice in Eastbourne, following a successful bid for the chance to be Normans passenger around the track at Goodwood, courtesy of CKL of Sussex, the race car and classic car restoration business. CKL works closely with Jaguar Heritage and Chris and Bens team regularly bring a small team to track days which are open to their customers.

Later in the day was a track lap with Chris taking the helm of an XK150. The sound of the engine, mixed with the adrenaline fuelled excitement of speeding round Goodwood in a classic Jaguar provides another memorable moment. After lunch, is a passenger ride with Ben in the Jaguar E Type, which as Ben drives it frequently is a fantastic experience with Ben pushing from the off. The Goodwood circuit is wonderful to drive and be driven around; the corners sweep round and momentum, a smooth style and the right lines are key to quick laps.

All in all a fabulous day rubbing shoulders with truly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly people sharing a passion for motor sport and on this day especially Jaguars.

This message was added on Friday 6th May 2016