BNI meeting gives Kevin poetic inspiration.


BNI meeting gives Kevin poetic inspiration.

BNI meeting gives Kevin poetic inspiration.

Many of you will know our Mike Thompson is fond of making up verse and not to mention telling the odd joke (or three)! However, Mike is not the only poet in our office......

At Thursdays BNI meeting at Borough Football Club, it was a meeting with a difference, and our co-Director Kevin Barnard came along to speak for the 60-Second Slot instead of Mike. Other members brought someone else to make the 60-Second Round a bit different. Kevin felt compelled to write a poem and here it is:

Reid Briggs BNI Contact is Mike.

He tells me his jokes you all like.

However I am not so sure.

As Ive heard them all before.

I`d expect you to say On your bike!

But Mikes always full of good cheer.

And that is why we send him here.

So if you need to insure,

I know Mike has said it before.

Reid Briggs will not make it too dear.

This message was added on Monday 21st November 2016