Keely Rust is going on maternity leave


Commercial team member Keely is leaving to have a baby

Keely Rust is going on maternity leave

Charity & Care insurance manager Keely Rust is leaving us temporarily for her maternity leave on Friday 23rd January 2015. This is her first baby and we are all waiting with anticipation (theres a staff sweepstake riding on this) as to whether she is expecting a boy or a girl and the day it will arrive!

Keely is keen to let all her clients know that they will be looked after in her absence, with a new member of staff Simon Holroyd specifically appointed (more news to follow on this) to cover her period of maternity leave until she resumes work later on in 2015. There are also the other members of the commercial insurance team who are also ready to assist. 

This message was added on Thursday 15th January 2015