Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

We provide cover solutions for Home Insurance from the smallest studio flat to an oast house. If your postcode flags up as a flood risk area, is thatched, or has a flat roof, talk to Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers; we have the insurer relationships to place cover for all types of residences. 

Our experienced team take the time to discuss your requirements in detail, guiding you through all those insurer questions, and present you with the best options following a wider market search of around 50 insurance companies, as only a truly independent broker can do.

Here at Reid Briggs we save you the time and bother of trawling the internet and calling up numerous insurers when renewal time comes around. Our support continues through the year with cover changes, with renewal, and during a claim if this should happen.

You can find out more or obtain your quote for Home Insurance in the following ways:

  • Call Steph on 01323 438843

What our clients say...

These days you need so many different types of insurance. Some people use comparison sites for a cheap deal, others stick with a company they trust even though it might cost a bit more. Better than either option is to get Mike at Reid Briggs to sort it out for you. They are a company you can trust to find the best deal for you. As independent brokers their loyalty is to the consumer and knowing the best deal isn`t necessarily the cheapest, they take care to find a policy that is right for you at a competitive price. When my contents insurance came up for renewal recently, Mike found me better cover for half the premium.–Fraser Kerr

Many thanks Helen for making my claim a very efficient process! –Matthew Welsh

We have always been more than happy with all the personnel and the very efficient service, our 40 year association only ends due to emigration. Be assured that should we relocate back to the UK we would always contact you and go from there. Please give our kind regards to Martin who has taken a lot of trouble in helping us over the years. Our thanks to you all and best wishes.–Annie Gage