As a driver transporting either your own or other people’s goods, there is an element of risk.


As a driver transporting either your own or other people’s goods, there is an element of risk.

This message was added on Wednesday 27th February 2019

Are you responsible for Goods in Transit on a regular basis? Then you need goods in transit and public liability insurance. If you run a courier delivery company or a furniture removals business, you will be transporting all sorts of unusual items for clients, perhaps clothing, kitchen utensils, or car parts. But what if you had something of real value in the back of your van? Say if you had, original paintings, cases of vintage champagne, fragile and expensive camera lenses, or even an antique vase? What would happen if these items were stolen, lost or damaged during transit?

Alternatively, if you use your van to deliver customer goods, or move your own tools and equipment around, then goods in transit cover is also important for your needs. A tradesman could have kitchen units or replacement windows awaiting fitting for the customer in their van or lorry. If the kitchen units or the windows are damaged en-route then they can’t be fitted and the business would have to foot the cost of ordering replacements if there isn’t goods in transit cover in place and they would then have to reschedule installation to avoid upsetting their customer.

Goods in Transit cover protects your consignments whether transported in your own vehicles or by a third party courier firm. You can be insured per vehicle, or any one consignment limit, or even per package basis according to your cover needs.

When you arrive at your destination and unload the delivery vehicle, your public liability insurance ensures that if you cause injury or damage to property when completing your delivery or equally if you are collecting an item, that the injured party can make a claim on your insurance for your negligence in damaging a gate whilst carrying a large parcel, or overloading a trolley with parcels causing it to tip over and injure someone.

Whether you’re a courier service, a builder taking materials to and from site, a florist delivering bouquets, a bakery delivering a wedding cake, whatever the nature of your business, it is our business to make sure you are covered. It isn’t mandatory to have Goods in Transit cover, but as a driver transporting either your own or other people’s goods, there is an element of risk and responsibility. As any courier will know, goods can be damaged whilst in transit or even stolen so it is wise to have cover for the items which you are delivering so they can be replaced if the worst should happen. The cover gives peace of mind to your customers knowing that you take the responsibility for their cargo, seriously. This type of insurance cover is vital for professionals, tradesmen and shops whether large in scale or small.

Although undoubtedly care is always taken when goods are in transit, sometimes things do not always work out but with Goods in Transit public liability insurance, help is at hand to arrange repair or replacement items.

Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers can protect a business even when it’s on the road. We arrange goods in transit insurance for self-employed delivery drivers and those who drive company vehicles.  Don’t run (or drive) the risk of damaged goods, it could cost you dearly, in terms of your customer and your reputation.

So, if your business is mobile rather than from a fixed location or involved in frequent movement of goods, we provide quotations for your goods in transit needs and also your public liability insurance, covering you from the risk of causing damage loss or damage to third party property or even causing bodily injury due to your negligence. We can also quote for your vehicle insurance needs be it cars, vans, lorries or a mixed fleet.

Our team of friendly and experienced professionals can sit and discuss coverage options with you ensuring that you get the best coverage for your personal requirements.