GAP Year exhibition at Sussex Downs College


Young Driver and Travel Insurance promoted at Sussex Downs College, Lewes

GAP Year exhibition at Sussex Downs College

Reid Briggs staff Stephanie Gardner, Jessica Blackman and Keely Rust represented the company at the recent GAP Year Event organised by Sussex Downs College at their Lewes Campus.

The event enabled students to view volunteering opportunities from local charities such as Chestnut Tree Hospice and Chailey Heritage, as well as local businesses who offer services of interest to students contemplating a gap year. Increasingly students are spending their gap year staying at home working or volunteering to gain valuable experience towards their future career, and for those staying local, our learner driver insurance products from Marmalade were of particular interest, to the young drivers as well as some parents with teenage children, as the Marmalade policy sits alongside the car owners policy and if the learner has an accident, the Marmalade policy takes care of the claim leaving the owners No Claims Discount intact.

Those students planning to jet off abroad were able to speak to specialist companies who can help them with applications to overseas universities, as well as gap year itinerary planners, whether the purpose is travel or eco-tourism or a mix of both. Jessica and Steph were able to explain the need for a travel insurance policy which is designed to cover backpacker trips and activities which standard travel policies exclude or treat as more hazardous. 

For more information on our learner driver insurance from Marmalade, you can obtain your own quote from our website, or speak to Steph or Jess on 01323 438843

To find out more about travel insurance catering for gap year travellers, speak to Steph or Jess on 01323 438843

This message was added on Wednesday 1st May 2013