Drive to live or live to drive?


Kevin Barnard shares the excitement of the  Jaguar enthusiastsí club.

Drive to live or live to drive?

Being a member of a car club can not only save money on Classic Car Insurance covers but also offers a chance to meet with a wide variety of other members who share your interest in the marque involved – in my case Jaguar. I have owned my Jaguar XJR since mid 2011 and covered a happy 15,000 miles since then mainly involving a commute across the chalk downs West of Eastbourne plus the occasional longer trip for meetings and client visits.

During weekends the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club arranges a number of events across the country and each region has its own programme of events in addition to the higher profile National Days run by the club. I have enjoyed several of these Sunday meets in the Sussex area including hot sunny days this year at Herstmonceux Castle and at Borde Hill Gardens near Haywards Heath (Pictured) in the company of 50 plus cars made since the late 1930s when Jaguar as we know it started to build cars. Prior to that time they were known as SS Cars and the company, in fact, started life between the wars as a producer of sidecars.

 The club has a racing programme and this offers Jaguars of all ages the chance to race competitively across the UK and for those who wish to stick to the road there are Annual Runs organised throughout the UK – one of the largest is the London to Brighton Jaguar run which took place in April 2013 and occurs each year. The run ends on Brighton Seafront and the local region organises a Sussex run that has ended at Western Lawns Eastbourne for the last two years – starting in Chichester or Sayers Common the route is pre planed and participants are given a written route to follow across picturesque parts of the South Downs either in small groups or individually. The parked up cars offer tourists and locals of Eastbourne the chance of a free Jaguar based Motor Show for the afternoon – many of the cars show off cleaner engine bays than thought possible whilst others are proud to show the signs of daily use.    

 The club offers a home to any and all Jaguar and SS Cars from the earliest days right up to the currently produced models and offers social events, technical forums, monthly magazines and a very useful and informative website to its membership.    

This message was added on Monday 22nd July 2013