Don`t set off on holiday without Travel Insurance!


Essentials when choosing travel insurance

Don`t set off on holiday without Travel Insurance!

It’s that time of year when we look forward to or are planning annual holidays, and travelling to sunnier climes away from the unpredictable UK weather. However it is often taken for granted just how important it is to have a comprehensive Travel policy.  A common misconception when travelling within the EU is that the European Health Insurance Card will provide sufficient cover for medical treatment abroad however this incorrect.

The EHIC replaced the old E111 in 2006 and entitles you to state health care in the destination country, taking the form of free care, or certain care at a reduced cost depending on the country’s existing health care system. It is not a replacement or alternative to Travel insurance. It covers you for basic and necessary treatment whilst there, allowing you to stay until your planned return; it also covers some treatment for pre existing medical conditions but restrictions apply.

 Some important considerations about the EHIC:

  • In many cases there would not be any cover for substantial operations or procedures not regarded as emergency treatment in that country.
  • The card doesn`t  cover repatriation costs (being flown back to the UK) which as with some highly publicised cases can cost thousands if private care or ambulance is required.
  • If you are taken ill during a flight and the plane is diverted the costs can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. In some circumstances you may be required to pay or contribute towards it, the EHIC doesn`t  cover this. 
  • There is no cover for any type of rescue so if you were injured whilst out at sea or walking in the mountains, being rescued could be extremely costly.
  • There is no cover for any type of liability so if you were deemed responsible for causing injury or property damage you would also be responsible for the cost.

 A Travel Insurance policy for a week or two away can cost from as little as £10 per person but make all the difference to having an enjoyable holiday or being left with having to repay substantial costs.

 Many banks or building societies provide free travel insurance cover as part of an account you may have with them, however it is still important that you read the Terms and Conditions and ‘small print’ as these policies are often generic and may have several exclusions for many different reasons:

  • If you are not within a specific age range.
  • If you have a pre existing medical condition even something very common like asthma. 
  • If you have ever made a claim on a travel policy. 
  • If you have some covers already covered on a separate policy, most commonly baggage cover as many home insurers provide some cover however its does not usually cover delayed baggage or some replacement documentation.

It is also important to consider the levels of cover provided by these types of policies as they often only provide very low limits of cover with may insufficient depending upon your destination.

At Reid Briggs our Personal lines team are happy to talk through the exact type of trip you’re planning along with any activities you may take part in and any specific requirements you may have along with any medical conditions or needs to make sure we provide you with a tailored policy specific to you. The team are also on hand to help with any queries or problems before, during and after your trip to make sure you have a truly enjoyable holiday with only good memories to bring home.  

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