Village Hall Insurance

Why do village halls need coverage? Why do village halls need coverage?

Added on Friday 10th May 2019

A village hall or community centre is the beating heart to a thriving community. These social hubs have for many years been used to host a variety of events within communities such as cake sales, art groups, fitness groups, clubs and societies such as the Womens Institute, children’s activities such as Brownies, Scouts, as well as barn dances and fundraisers such as quiz nights, fairs and fetes to name a few.

But why do village halls need coverage?

Well, just as businesses or events need insurance coverage so do village halls and community centres. This is because they pose the same risks as any communal space and therefore pose the same threat of legal action being taken if someone was injured on the premises, or their personal property was damaged. If you are found legally liable, the claims made in respect of any of the above liabilities, can be pricey to defend. If this were to happen, your insurers would step in to handle matters on your behalf, which is why village halls and community spaces need the right type of cover to protect them, especially with the frequency of and diversity of groups using the facilities.

As your local insurance broker, Reid Briggs is here to protect you against these losses by providing you with the right coverage. Our policies provide wide coverage for your building, contents and equipment as well as liability cover for your activities, volunteers and your management committee.

We go through the relevant areas of cover with you to establish what you need, reviewing your current policy to ensure there are no gaps in cover and match you with a suitable insurer. There are three main areas which should generally be considered for a village hall these are; Buildings, Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.

  • Buildings Insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of the building. Buildings Insurance usually covers loss or damage caused by circumstances such as fire, storm, flood, theft, accidental damage, escape of water and malicious damage. Subsidence cover can also be quoted on request.
  • Following on from Buildings cover, you may also wish to consider Hirer’s Indemnity in case a third party hiring your space causes damage which their insurance does not cover, or they are uninsured. This cover means that your insurance pays the claim as if you had caused the damage and avoids you being out of pocket for damage due to hirer.
  • Public Liability Insurance is there to protect you if claims were made against you for personal injury or damage to personal property suffered by third parties (as a result of your negligence).
  • Employers Liability protects you against claims made concerning your legal liability for death, disease or injury sustained by an employee during the course of their employment. Charity sector insurance policies typically include volunteers and trustees under their definition of employee.

We can also advise on emerging threats such as cyber liability which we all need to take seriously in an increasingly online world, especially if you manage your bookings online. We also look at general risk management to help you maintain a safe operation for all, and mitigate any concerns which potential insurers might have.

If you are unsure as to what insurance you actually require, please contact us. Our team are competent and knowledgeable and will be able to guide you through the process. Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers offer a friendly and expert service ensuring you are fully protected.