Basics of Fleet Insurance

Getting started with Fleet Insurance Getting started with Fleet Insurance

Added on Monday 30th November 2020

Fleet insurance can cover a multitude of vehicles for your business – cars, Commercial vehicles, Forklifts and trailers.

You can have a fleet policy from just two vehicles, although it’s better to have at least three as this gives a wider choice of insurers which would be able to quote.

When you set up a new Fleet Insurance policy, it can be arranged to transfer your No Claims Discount from your personal motor vehicle insurance . If you haven`t made a claim on the new fleet policy, it will then be converted at next renewal to a Fleet Bonus basis, again with more insurers able to quote this way.  You can also add temporary vehicles to Fleet Insurance if required.

 Your cover can be Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only. UK cover can be   extended to European cover basis if required as well as Breakdown cover.

 Depending on what vehicle types need to be insured there are plenty of driving options available:

Named Driver basis - forup to 4 named persons on the policy.

Any driver – this would able you to cover any one driving with your permission (subject to claims/convictions etc). This can be age restricted so that only drivers aged over 30 years old, over 25 years old  and some insurers are able to cover over 21 years old but it does depend on the vehicle/s in question.

 For more information and for your fleet quotation please contact Nick, Kevin or Richard in our Commercial Team on 01323 438843