100 km Thames Path Charity Walk - training update


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100 km Thames Path Charity Walk - training update

With one month to go before the intrepid Reid Briggs Walkers tackle the 100 kilometre Thames Towpath Challenge in London, intensive training walks are underway to prepare body and mind for the task ahead......

Managing to avoid the recent rain showers, our team have been making use of early mornings and weekends to pack in extra walking practice. The lovely Cuckoo trail has been used for distance for the 14 miles each way on the route between Eastbourne and Heathfield. The team photo shows them at the halfway point at the Hydeneye.

The training is progressing well, with great camaraderie amongst the team as they gradually increase their walking distance to improve endurance and condition themselves to ultimately cover the whole distance of 100 kilometres / 62 miles each within a 24-hour period. With many participants taking part in this event we await our official start time with great interest, as the training walks have given the team an insight into their comfortable walking pace and what time they are each likely to complete the challenge.

It has also been a useful opportunity to try out different protein bars, energy drinks and footcare to make the journey as comfortable as possible! 

Team Reid Briggs are undertaking this exciting challenge to raise as much money as possible for Care for the Carers our nominated charity. We have set ourselves an ambitious target of £10,000. Our current total is £1,947.99. We are also doing some additional fundraising activities, so watch this space for further details.

If you would like to sponsor our team you can do so online using this link:


Please help use reach our target for this great local cause helping unpaid carers in East Sussex.

This message was added on Thursday 14th August 2014