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Young Driver Insurance

Tips to save money on insurance for Young Drivers

When you want insurance for your first set of wheels, Reid Briggs are the insurance brokers dedicated to getting young driver  on the road for a price that suits.

So ...  you've passed your test and all that stress and hours memorising the different colours on cats' eyes has been worth it!  Now for the real brainteaser - you're looking around for insurance that doesn't cost ten times more than your car!!

When looking for cheapest young driver insurance, it pays to contact a specialised young driver insurance broker to get the best deal.  You can be sure your first insurance won't be cheap!  But there has been a breakthrough for young drivers today and that is getting the young driver insurance smart box fitted to your car (more below). 

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Young Marmalade Motor Insurance

Package deal combining Comprehensive motor insurance with a new or low mileage vehicle (minimum 4 Star Safety Rating), and an in-car Blackbox device monitoring driver patterns

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Provisional Marmalade
Learner Driver Insurance

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Learner Driver Insurance for Provisional Drivers

Provisional Marmalade's learner driver insurance is a car insurance specifically designed for UK learner driver and aims to provide them with the security needed to get the practice that is vital to become a licensed driver.

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If you're asking why insurance companies are so unfair to young drivers, bear in mind the following:

No matter how careful you are, there may well be one or two bumps or smashes in your first year - it's more likely then than at any other time. They may not even be your fault. If it's a small scrape you might manage to pay for the damage yourself to avoid going to the insurance company. But at the end of the day, it's not usually just your car that needs paying for. Young driver insurance schemes need to take into account damages and Personal Injury claims from other drivers, passengers, unlucky passers by, which can all add thousands to your insurance bill and litigation going on for months, even years.

It won't happen to ME

Sorry but - mile for mile, statistically you are seven times more likely than someone over 40 to suffer injury or death through driving if you are between 17-20 years old (not to mention causing it).

Young Driver Insurance Tips

Young driver insurance schemes are based on calculating payouts for the increased risks for many young drivers when they get their hands on the wheel in the first year ... . Truth hurts - especially when it hits you in the pocket. And boring old farts do get cheaper car insurance for a reason!

"Right - I refuse to get DEPRESSED that I'm not a 'BOF'!!! So ... Have you got any more young driver Insurance tips?"

YES! There IS HOPE when you want to nab yourself the cheapest young drivers' insurance!

  • Tip 1 - Young Driver Insurance Smart Box
    ("AKA: Big Brother is watching my driving!")
    In a way ... 'he' is! But it'll help you get cheaper car insurance over time! The latest weapon in the insurance discount armoury is called a Telematics Box or 'Smart Box'. A data tracker is fitted discreetly in your car to note how you drive -You'll see the results they come up with on your personal site which will enable you to change your driving patterns. If you drive sensibly, after three months you'll also be eligible for a substantial discount off your car insurance. For a new generation of young drivers - installing the young driver insurance smart box gets you a shot at the cheapest young driver insurance in town. And that is definitely good news!
  • Tip 2 - So what's it to be ... Designer Handbags, Trainers, or cheaper car insurance?
    Try and keep back some of your handbag/trainer money for a bigger 'Excess' - this is the amount that you will be asked to cough up whenever you make a claim. Most Excesses start at 150 but if you offer to pay more, such as 250 in the event of a claim, this will also help to nab you the cheapest young driver insurance deal.
  • Tip 3 Cough up in Advance
    Do the Math: Since the interest on monthly premiums is about 15% APR, or possibly even up to as much as 30% APR, if you can pay your car insurance in one yearly lump sum, you will also reduce the cost of being a young driver.
  • Tip 4 - Be nice to the old folks!
    Yep, there is a reason for speaking to parents other than begging them to do your laundry! Naming an older person such as your mum or dad on your car insurance will save you another 10% or so (If you prove to them you're a sensible driver, you just might get lucky here). And keeping other young and inexperienced drivers off of your policy will also save you s.
  • Tip5 - Have Some More Lessons!
    If you're trying to get the very cheapest young driver insurance, you can become a better driver through further training. A Pass Plus examination costs about 150 (but this will knock off a lot because you'll get discounts on your car insurance and pay for itself). Plus, you'll be a better, safer, more confident driver!

Price compare websites can be confusing, but contacting a young driver insurance broker who can advise you and tailor make a quote for you personally is often the route to a good deal. Contact us to get a cheaper quote for learner drivers and more advice on young driver insurance schemes. If you haven't got a car of your own, you can even learn to drive in practically any family car, without risking the main driver's No Claims Bonus.

As well as cheaper insurance for young drivers Reid Briggs can quote for many other different types of insurance. Call us for a quote or click HERE for a contact form.

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