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Learner Driver Insurance

Advice for Learner Drivers

For learner drivers, the biggest bill they might have, before the rubber even meets the road, is insurance payments.  In fact, quotes of over £4000 a year for a 17-year-old learner driver in their own car just might send you back to your trusty bike or bus company, which is

I haven't even HAD an accident yet - so why should I pay more?

It might seem unfair when you've only just got behind the wheel, but - mile for mile, even though you might be a very cautious driver (because you're learning, right?!) statistically you are seven times more likely than someone over 40 to suffer injury or death through driving if you are between 17-20 years old. 
How do I get on the road cheaply then, without paying huge car insurance premiums?
If you prefer not to throw money at a cheap car and be responsible for all the road tax, etc, Provisional Marmalade gets learner drivers behind the wheel of a friend's car or a family car, even up to Group 32.  So you can even get experience driving Dad's precious Audi TT Roadster or BMW 3 without giving him grey hairs! This insurance provides that if you have a bit of a bump, the No Claims bonus won't be affected.

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Provisional Marmalade
Learner Driver Insurance

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Learner Driver Insurance for Provisional Drivers

Provisional Marmalade's learner driver insurance is a car insurance specifically designed for UK learner driver and aims to provide them with the security needed to get the practice that is vital to become a licensed driver.

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Package Deal for
new drivers

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Young Marmalade Motor Insurance

Package deal combining Comprehensive motor insurance with a new or low mileage vehicle (minimum 4 Star Safety Rating), and an in-car Blackbox device monitoring driver patterns

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So there IS HOPE for learner drivers' insurance bills!

Let Big Brother Keep an Eye on Your Driving

You may not be as low risk to the insurance companies as your grandma, but for a new generation of learner drivers - the good news is that your driving CAN be judged individually, rather than just on your age and assumed 'inexperience'. The latest wheeze to keep your insurance costs down is a Telematics Box (AKA a 'Black Box')- a sensor device fitted in discreetly in your car, which keeps note of how you drive. If you drive wisely, you'll also be eligible for a substantial discount off your car insurance.

What is 'driving sensibly' in insurance terms?

Insurance companies assume that most young people are out and about more than older people. They want a car to go out and meet friends after work or college - not just to go to work or college and back - you have to factor in some fun! Unfortunately, the 'fun' times of between 11pm and 5pm are, statistically, when learner drivers are also more involved in car accidents. If you can avoid driving between these times, it can be worth up to 25% off your insurance premium

So what's it to be ... Designer Handbags, Trainers, or cheaper car insurance?

Try and keep back some of your handbag/trainer money for a bigger 'Excess' - this is the amount that you will be asked to cough up whenever you make a claim. Most Excesses start at 150 but if you offer to pay more, such as 250 in the event of a claim, this will also make your learner driver insurance a lot cheaper.

Cough up in Advance

Since the interest on monthly premiums is about 15% APR, or possibly even up to as much as 30% APR, if you can pay your car insurance in one yearly lump sum, you will also reduce the cost of being a learner driver.

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