learn driver insurance

learn driver insurance

Advice for Learner Drivers

For learner drivers, the biggest bill they might have, before the rubber even meets the road, is insurance payments.  In fact, quotes of over £4000 a year for a 17-year-old learner driver in their own car just might send you back to your trusty bike or bus company, which is

I haven even HAD an accident yet - so why should I pay more?

It might seem unfair when youve only just got behind the wheel, but - mile for mile, even though you might be a very cautious driver (because you e learning, right?!) statistically you are seven times more likely than someone over 40 to suffer injury or death through driving if you are between 17-20 years old. 
How do I get on the road cheaply then, without paying huge car insurance premiums?
If you prefer not to throw money at a cheap car and be responsible for all the road tax, etc, Provisional Marmalade gets learner drivers behind the wheel of a friends car or a family car, even up to Group 32.  So you can even get experience driving Dads precious Audi TT Roadster or BMW 3 without giving him grey hairs! This insurance provides that if you have a bit of a bump, the No Claims bonus won be affected.

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